A Proven Way To Save A Tooth


Crown lengthening is a common procedure. When a tooth is broken or damaged close to the gumline, crown lengthening is used to expose more of the tooth so a prosthetic can be applied. When there is sufficient tooth and bone structure available, crown lengthening can be an effective way to expose enough of the sound tooth for prosthetic restoration.
In the procedure, the dental surgeon removes gum tissue, bone or both to expose more of a tooth.

Crown lengthening can also be used to repair a tooth that has a filling or crown and decay has occurred underneath.
Before the crown lengthening procedure, the patient is given a thorough cleaning. Then the procedure is performed. A temporary crown may be applied so that the dental surgeon sees how much of the tooth needs to be exposed.
After healing (typically two to three months), a new permanent crown will be put in.

If you have a damaged tooth that can still be saved, even though it’s damaged near the gumline, crown lengthening can be an option. Dr. Thompson will evaluate your situation and provide you with options and anticipated outcomes.

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