A Fast Way To A New Smile


Composite resin bonding is a cosmetic technique where specially-formulated resins are shaped and molded onto your teeth, creating a whiter, straighter smile. Composite resins can be used to fix chipped teeth, close gaps, and cover stained teeth and fillings.

Unlike veneers, composite resin bonding can be completed in just one visit.
Composite resin bonding works best for patients who have minor problems that need correction. It can’t fix smiles that are the result of overbite or underbite. It can’t repair significant chips or gaps. Resin bonding works best for patients who have healthy teeth but want to make specific cosmetic improvements.

Dr. Dan Thompson and his staff can easily help you determine if you’re a good candidate for composite resin bonding. Dr. Thompson can provide an evaluation, answer questions, and, should another procedure work better to give you the smile you want, suggest other options.

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