A Permanent, Beautiful Solution For Missing Teeth


Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth that have been lost to disease or accidents. They are a permanent replacement, and many patients opt for dental implants rather than dentures.

A dental implant uses a metal post to replace the base of the missing tooth. An artificial tooth is then attached to the post, creating the look of a healthy, natural tooth.

Implants can be removed if needed, or repaired in case of damage.

Advantages of dental implants include:


  • A natural improved appearance. Implants and feel like real teeth.
  • Improved comfort. No slipping or soreness.
  • Improved health for other teeth. If a tooth is missing, other teeth may become diseased or may move. An implant restores the balance that helps protect other teeth.
  • Improved speech. Unlike dentures, implants can’t slip or get in the way.
  • Improved eating and nutrition. It’s simply easier to eat more foods with implants.
  • Improved confidence. The natural look and feel of implants can boost confidence, especially if the patient’s missing teeth were visible to others.
  • Improved convenience. No messing with dentures or adhesives.


Dental implants have been in use for many years, and have success rates of up to 98%. Implants, properly cared for, can last for the life of the patient.


The Procedure


Dental implants require several steps. After Dr. Thompson does a thorough examination, a custom treatment plan is created for each patient. This takes into account not just the implant tooth or teeth, but adjacent teeth to keep them healthy.

The implant process is begun by surgically inserting a titanium post into the patient’s jawbone, using the bone socket of the missing tooth. Over a period of six to 12 weeks, the jawbone grows around the post, locking it into place.

Dr. Thompson makes an impression of the patient’s mouth, and uses this to computer model the optimum bite for the patient. Using this information, a replacement tooth (called a crown) is created, and attached to the post. The replacement tooth is color-matched to the patient’s existing teeth.

Depending on patient need, one—or multiple—implants may be used.

A Single Tooth Implant is used to replace any permanent tooth.

Three-Tooth Implants are used where more than one tooth is missing, or where existing teeth are damaged. The three implants together can support each other better to provide a strong, longer-lasting solution.

Full Arch Implants are replacements for an entire upper or lower set of teeth.

Dr. Dan Thompson can provide you with a full evaluation as to how dental implants could benefit you. For an appointment, click here.