“I feel like we found the best.”


Jean Kitts and her sister were trying to find a new dentist to establish an ongoing relationship after their family dentist retired. “We wanted to find someone who was really good and my sister found an article about Dr. Dan Thompson in a local magazine.” They were both impressed with what they read and decided to give Dr. Dan a try.


Her sister had work done first and really was impressed with Dr. Dan and encouraged Jean to set up an appointment. “When I saw the work that he had done for her, I came myself,” she states.


Jean had not been to see a dentist in a couple of years and was concerned about the state of her teeth. “I had numerous issues including a bridge that had come loose,” she says. “I knew there was quite a bit of work to do be done.” Like most people, she was nervous leading to her first appointment. “I was scared to death just like lots of people are.”


Dr. Dan was able to keep Jean calm, give her a full evaluation, explain to her the options and help her decide which path would be the best to address her particular situation. As much as possible, Dr. Dan tries to save a patient’s teeth but in Jean’s case, there were only two choices –dental implants or dentures. “I had dreaded hearing the word dentures all my life,” Jean confesses. “So I definitely wanted to explore the idea of dental implants.” He assured Jean that it was the proper route to go and went over the process with her, including pricing and financing. “I was very impressed with the financing options. That made it very affordable for me,” she says.


The staff worked with Jean and scheduled a convenient time for the procedure and on that day, made her feel as calm and comfortable as they could. “This staff that they have here, they were wonderful in working with me,” Jean boasts. “They kept me relaxed and made sure the whole thing was painless.”


She is now the proud owner of dental implants and has the confidence and self-esteem to grin ear-to-ear. Jean proudly states, “I must thank Dr. Dan and his wonderful staff. He wanted to make sure I was happy with the results. I’m so glad that my sister found Dr. Thompson because I feel like we found the best.”

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