“Dr. Dan Helped Me Get My Smile Back.”


Leighton Smith is a self-employed web designer who meets a lot of people with both his business and his participation in his church’s door-to-door ministry. He went to see Dr. Dan Thompson, because he was sometimes nervous about his smile. He states, “I didn’t have the complete confidence in my appearance that I need for my line of work.”


He had braces, which straightened his teeth but Leighton wanted a better smile. Even though his smile was straight, he had what are called peg lateral teeth. Peg lateral incisors describes a condition where the second tooth on either side of the upper front teeth does not develop correctly and is small, often pointed, and looks like a cone.


During his initial consultation with Dr. Dan, Leighton learned about Lumineers. “I was thrilled to hear about the procedure. It’s a minimally invasive, painless process. What’s not to love, right?” recalls Leighton. Hoping to gain more self-confidence with a better smile, he scheduled his next visit to get everything started.


The first visit consisted of Dr. Dan taking an impression of Leighton’s teeth for the Lumineers to be crafted. The second visit, they were attached to his existing teeth. “It’s like contact lenses for your teeth,” he jokes. So, after two quick visits, he had an entirely new smile and renewed self-confidence. “I’m very comfortable talking to people now,” Leighton boasts, “Dr. Dan helped me get my smile back.

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