Multiple Ways To Look Your Best


Teeth whitening is something many patients use Thompson Dentistry for. And there are several ways to to create—and keep—outstanding results. Dr. Dan Thompson offers both in-office and home whitening treatments. There can be advantages to each.


In-Office Whitening


In-office whitening is the fastest way to achieve exceptional results. With in-office whitening, you relax in the chair while our technicians use special bleaching solutions, sometimes combined with specialized light to accelerate the process. You will see a significant change in your smile after one 30 or 60 minute treatment.

Depending on your teeth, more than one appointment may be necessary to achieve optimum results, but in-office treatments are typically the fastest way to get the smile you want.

Take-Home Treatments


Take-home whitening treatments can also be very effective. These take longer than in-office whitening, but they tend to cost less. Take-home treatments involve using specialized trays that fit over your teeth. The trays are filled with a whitening solution, and you wear them for a period of time. The solution eliminates stains and discoloration. Optimum results are usually reached in about four weeks.

Dr. Dan Thompson and his staff can easily help you determine which whitening techniques will work best for you and your budget, goals, and lifestyle. Click here to schedule an appointment.